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The 5 Day FREE "Shine Online" Groove Challenge

Starts live on Monday January 17th 2022 at 12.pm Miami.   


Finally Earn Consistent Revenue Online

For Elite or Early-Stage Female Business Owners who are already starting to launch or Grow a Business Online and want results fast!!  










It’s time to Learn the Simple, Proven, Repeatable Framework to Launch or grow Your Business Using the Awesome Power of Groove

Click on the link below for your Free Access to the Challenge 

And here are just a few of the many incredible case studies from our latest early-stage female entrepreneur students that are using our system to launch and grow their business online after months and years of frustration trying much more difficult marketing methods

Karyn Kokeny -Founder of the Business Performance Academy 

Having met Andrew in early 2020 and months later, when I decided to bring my business coaching back after a very long pause and more importantly, to take it online, I knew Andrew was the right person to help me do that. Andrew has been instrumental to me and my business in so many ways. He helped me define my ideal client, specifically who I serve and how I help them, he helped me create my message to market and coached me through the whole process of creating content and the importance of email marketing. In fact, I was able to develop such potent content that I had some extremely strong months right out of the gate, which is very exciting. When I got stuck, he helped me get unstuck, it didn't matter whether it was tech issues or mindset blocks, he was kind and patient and helped me get through it all. I wouldn't be where I am today without Andrew and I cannot say enough about him, if you're thinking about working with Andrew, I recommend him highly. 

Tash Danvers - Olympic Medalist and Founder of Success on Track - Coaching Programs 

Geoffrey and Andrew helped me zoom in on my niche and my ideal customer and this gave me so much clarity. Once I was able to target exactly who my customers are and where they are I was able to create my messaging, write my sales page copy and produce my first online coaching program. Finally I've been able to get through the barriers that were slowing me down and I'm ready to monetize doing something I've always loved - helping others find success in their lives. The level of compassion that that these guys have for you, your clients and your services is beyond compare, they truly care. 

Nicole Stoddart - Former Miss Jamaica and Founder of Beauty Stop by Pageant Boss - Cosmetics Line

Having launched my cosmetics line locally, I had dreams of going international but really didn't know how I would do it, that's when Geoffrey and Andrew came in. They worked with me on brand positioning, on pricing structure, e-com platform design, sales funnel and on a scalable fulfilment solution using the Groove software. Now I'm about to launch into the biggest cosmetics market in the world - the USA! Geoffrey and Andrew gave me the technical know-how, the marketing skills and the belief to know that such a big launch was even possible. Now I'm really able to grow, because everything in place is scalable, based on the systems they've helped me put in place. 

Jody Jones - Founder of Trello Boss - Organize Your Business with the power of Trello 

Andrew and Geoffrey, I want you to know you have inspired me. Your integrity and dedication to my success has led me to persevere through this launch process. I never imagined it was possible. Through your vast knowledge and systems, lots of patience and tenacity, you have taken what was once a dream and made it become reality. I CANNOT thank you both enough from the bottom of my heart for making this REAL!! After working with the both of you I do not have ANY doubts about what I have achieved and what I will achieve moving forward. I could NOT have done this without you. You are both amazing and I highly recommend working with you.

Thank you again, Jody Jones Founder of TrelloBoss

Stacie Rene - Mindset Coach and Amazon Best Selling Author of "The Positive Shift Ahead"

"I'm a motivational speaker and life coach and have been working with Andrew to help define my audience, build my message to market and grow my social media presence. I'm thrilled to have met such a profound and intelligent man who I call a friend. Thank you for guiding and showing me so much. I am grateful more than words can explain. You are one of the most influencial people in my life." 

Rae Indigo - Founder of the World Institute of Yoga and Founder of 'Formula Flawless' - the world's first fresh, 100% natural skincare brand

"Thank you very much Andrew for getting everything up and running so fast! Because of your insights, I was able to build landing pages and begin selling my new skin care line very quickly. I also know how to make more landing pages, so it is easy to launch specials, and fresh new serums, sprays. Also, the affiliate program works great, and all of it together is a go-to-market package that allowed me to make $5k in sales in just the first few weeks.

Excited about the possibilities ahead!"

Yolande Bramwell - Writer, Stage Performer and Founder of Brown's Town Stories Podcast 

For many years I have struggled with confidence issues, at times my self esteem would hit rock bottom and that would prevent me from achieving my dreams. I've always wanted to do something that was authentically Jamaican. To make something that spoke from my heart, something that would be beneficial to somebody else. I didn't think that it was possible until I spent 45 minutes with Geoffrey. He taught me that there was no need to be afraid of my phone because I was really fearful of taking up the phone and doing the recording to set up my first podcast but in less than an hour I had my very own podcast Brown's Town Stories & Taxi Tales. It's something that makes people smile and laugh. I have published it and the comments have been overwhelmingly great. I have Geoffrey to thank. He taught me that most important thing for me was to to produce my content, and not to pay attention to the criticisms. It was just most important and vital to get my information together and just put it out there. And I'm very very proud of myself. If you've been unable to realize your dreams. This is your opportunity to be somebody great to make money, and to produce something that's going to be beneficial to somebody else, you're in the right hands.

Jessica Cooper - Body Builder, Founder of the 'Bikini Girl In Progress' Movement and International Bikini Body Competitor

"Since working with Andrew I've been able to grow my social media, understand my customers and Andrew has offered e the guidance I needed. I've found my ideal customer and created a challenge specific to my niche.

Andrew's attention to detail is incredible, he has helped launch an amazing and successful sales page and has helped me go from 0 followers on TikTok to 18k followers in just a few weeks by teaching me how to target and create my videos. I am now launching my first challenge and winning paying customers! Thank you so much Andrew and I couldn't have been where I am now without your help!" . 

Chrissie Milan - Social Media Influencer and Founder of The CEO Table 

"I'm a social media influencer who has built a YouTube channel of over 70,000 people and an Instagram Page of almost  35,000 people and running sponsorship deals with brands including Nike and Converse. I also recently founded the CEO Table, a personal development program which is all about young people being the best version of themselves. I worked with Andrew for over 4 years as I built these social platforms. Thank you Andrew, everything you said to do has worked and my business has grown immensely because of you".



  • Deploy the most powerful process in marketing to determine who your ideal customers are and where to find them.  

  • Launch or grow any business in any niche, no matter what you've tried in the past and regardless of whether you sell a service or a physical product. 

  • Easily Produce sales copy and messaging that compels your customers to buy from you over and over again. 

  • Go to market quickly, get results and develop an understanding of exactly who your customers are and what they want, so you can maximize your sales.

  • Launch your first Funnel on Groove and see how to use this incredibly powerful platform to give you an unfair advantage in the market. 

  • And for Entrepreneurs with Proven Offers - You'll Learn how to grow and scale to 7 figures and beyond with the power of a digital marketing system that is delivering incredible results. 

  • This is a Time Sensitive Offer!

    Get exclusive access to this live training valued at $995 Absolutely Free in the 5-Day "Shine Online" Challenge Starting Monday January 17th 2022.
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    Be one of the hundreds of early-stage or elite female entrepreneurs around the world that will go from frustrated and overwhelmed to finally launching and growing their business online successfully in 2022 with the power of Groove. It's time to Shine Online!

Meet Your Mentors

profile pic of Tasha

Geoffrey Fullerton 

One of the most dynamic personalities in the Human Capital Development industry, Geoffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer.

As an accomplished sales & customer service coach, speaker and author Geoffrey has impacted professionals and business owners from all over the world.

From his experience as a master facilitator and coach with Anthony Robbins & Associates to delivering revenue generation training for billion-dollar brands like Sandals Resorts International, Geoffrey’s approach to creating high performance results comes from his ability to help his clients develop the mindset, mission and moves needed to confidently craft their businesses ability to reach its full potential.

Geoffrey takes his 28 years of experience inspiring business owners to act and generate greater profits and turns it all into the experiences you need in order to successfully navigate the online world with speed and direction.

Here's some of the great people and brands I've been working with 

Andrew Phillips  

Andrew has spent his career in marketing, initially in magazine publishing and sports events working with The PGA (Professional Golfers Association), the USPGA, The Lawn Tennis Association (Wimbledon) and the NBA.

He then went back to study for the second time, with Stanford University (Digital Entrepreneurship) where he led a team that was voted in the top 20 in the world for online product development.

He has for the last 10yrs been running a Full-Services Digital Marketing Agency for global 'super-brands' across multiple country markers, working with clients including Sony, Jaguar, Hellmann's, Sky Television (Comcast), Knorr, Ben & Jerry's and Dove.

Most recently, since lockdown, Andrew has been helping entrepreneurs and challenger brands grow their presence online and over the last 6 months has been instrumental in helping small businesses monetize online using Groove.

Here are some of the amazing brands I've been serving and now so happy to also be helping business owners

NOT only does this proven system work for elite entrepreneurs as mentioned already…

...it works for early-stage entrepreneurs as well...in any niche!

Dear Female Business Owners  

More and more businesses are shifting online as they struggle to survive and thrive following lockdown.

More people have lost their jobs and careers in the last 12 months and more business owners have struggled to survive than in any time that most of us can remember.

For those looking to start their own online businesses and for those who already have a business but are looking to move online, or sell more online, the challenges are the same:-

-How to get up and running online quickly

-How to start generating revenue

-How to find customers 

-How to automate

-How to grow

There are so many mixed messages out there, so many gurus telling us things like:-

"If you build it they will come".

"Create Social Media Content and share it across as many social spaces as you can"

"Start a Facebook Page, Start an Instagram Page".

"Get on TikTok".

"Get on ClubHouse".

"Start a Podcast".

"Create a lead magnet and advertise it on Facebook".

"Grow a list"

All these things can work, but in reality, the big-name gurus have teams of people to help them, some have teams just to run their live events, teams or agencies just to manage their social media.

These are not the practical steps we need to take right now, unless we have very deep pockets and are happy to empty them.

Rather, we need to get out there fast, start finding our customers, learn what works and what doesn’t and quickly make the necessary adjustments, so you have a business model and an online system that works.

We don’t want you to go through the pain of trying to work this all out for yourselves. We want you to succeed - and to start building your future, a legacy that makes a difference in your lives and in the lives of others around you.

This is why we’re giving away our proven, time-tested systems for growing service-based or product-based businesses online to stop you getting stuck in all the noise that’s out there and start taking immediate, practical steps to launch and grow.

Since the pandemic, the world has changed forever and now, out of all this, there is new opportunity - new opportunity to flourish online as more and more people have taken to learning, communicating and buying online than ever before.

It’s now truly, a connected world.

We believe that it would be a massive mistake to just wait and hope that the world will go back to the way it used to be before the pandemic.

It would also be a huge mistake to listen to what these Guru’s are telling you, spending all of your time and resources in trying to market across every platform on the web.

Instead, let us show you how to get on track, how to build your business quickly and effectively, using the amazing Groove software you already have.

Take advantage of our combined decades of experience we both have in sales and marketing so that you can finally stop ever worrying about how to figure this all out for yourselves.

Are you ready to “Shine Online”?

If so, join us. along with fellow Groovesters in this Free 5 Day "Shine Online" Challenge starting Monday January 17th 2022.

Just click on the button below to be sure to get registered right away, you don’t want to miss this incredibly unique and powerful mentoring opportunity.

We’re so excited about what can happen for you when you say YES to our Challenge and start taking action with Speed and Direction!

Geoffrey & Andrew

If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level in 2022...then you simply can't afford to miss this challenge.

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